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jing 16/11/2005 We Apologise For the Delay

Well, somewhat, anyway. I've been oh-so busy, moving house, arranging to go overseas, having a computer that doesn't work, procrastinating etc.

I am also working on two new (ish) collaborative projects, Lies I Tell Myself and Pretty Zombies. PZ will have its own site (eventually) and I can't tell you what the ETA is for Lies becauese I'm just teh art monkey and Other People are in charge of that sort of thing.

Speaking of which, my 24hr Comic is now available for purchase from Pulp Fiction Comics. (This announcement is probably not particularly useful to anyone not in Adelaide, but Pulp are marvellous so you ought to go visit their site anyway.) I can probably send yuou a copy, if you really want one, for something like AU$3 + postage. You probably do want one, don't you? Yes, I thought as much.

The latest strip was quite daunting because I foolishly set up a situation in which I needed to do lighting things and mess about with backgrounds etc. This is my flimsy excuse for putting it off for five months. Bah.

jing 27/6/2005 Wednesday is Dave's birthday. Everyone take special note..

Supposedly spiffy site redesign has gone pete tong. Bugger. Things I must fix:

* calendar alignment (wtf?)
* menu on the daily pages
* all my unordered lists (which were FINE and now suddenly aren't)
* whatever is making it impossible for me to edit the css AAAAARGH

Tomorrow ... yes, tomorrow. For now, sleep calls me.

(at least now the code validates *fingers crossed*)

ETA: VALIDATION! I am so happy. And it only took three hours! (oh god I suck)

jing 25/6/2005 -- Owen made me do it. He rocks, therefore.


Firstly! Go to the Pulp Fiction Comics website now. Go now! NOW! No arguing. I cannot list the reasons why, they are too numerous, but suffice to say I <3 Pulp and all its pulpy goodness. Go there, spend your monies, rejoice.

Secondly! There is a 24hr comic of doom which has nothing to do with TMC at all, except it was done by me! Yeah! Go me!

ETA: I am a moron. I forgot to mention that Dave also has a 24hr comic. Woe! The Young Hog and the Magical Flying Kipper -- a comic with beans!

Thirdly! I am working on a 24 page mutant child which I will print up and SELL FOR MONIES! It features Mary, Jo and perhaps Cthulhu. I dunno. I'm calling it 'The Revenge of the Cthulhu' anyway, so, well.

Fourthly! I am doing some artwork for Alastair. Shhh, don't tell him. It's a secret. Shhhhhh!

Fifthly! After much buggering around with the css, I am almost ready to upload the new site. Only two problems. 1) It keeps doing something very stupid in Explorer and I cannot figure out why. This must be fixed. 2) I think the tagboard is where all the annoying pop-ups are coming from -- it may have to go, as much as I love it. Whaddaya think?

ETA: Okay, I scrapped the new site as it was making my brain hurt. Here, instead, is a site I knocked up in a night. I suck. I really do.